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What to see in Austria: the best attractions

Here are the best places in Austria you should visit.


Whatever your idea of a holiday in Austria, Vienna is a great starting point: the Austrian capital is a masterpiece of elegance and refinement and tells an important story, which is reflected in its lively cultural life. Heart of Mitteleuropa, Vienna is a romantic city, with a historic center that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in which you will still seem to see Princess Sissy and her court in a carriage around the city. If you talk about the most famous Princess of Austria you cannot help but think of Hofburg Palace, an omissible destination to take a dip in the splendor of the Hapsburg Empire. Do not miss a visit to the many museums to appreciate the works of Schiele and Klimt, first of all, and not even a delicious stop at the Hotel Sacher Prater, the huge permanent amusement park, for a rest that will be relaxing and fun at the same time. Find the energies for a final destination that will win you over: the, to taste a slice of the legendary cake of the same name. Also worth visiting is the district of Landstrasse, with the famous and colorful houses designed by Hundertwasser and if touring museums and historical monuments has satisfied your mind but has tired your legs, run straight to Schönbrunn Castle, now incorporated in the territory of the city of Vienna. Good exploration!


A European capital surrounded by a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve may seem impossible to you. But Vienna is also amazed by this: the Wienerwald, the marvelous forests that surround it, are a charm, a true naturalistic paradise that preserves incredible animals and plants, as well as a Sunday destination beloved by the Viennese. The Wienerwald were and still are a special place for Austrian artists who have drawn inspiration and serenity here to make their masterpieces: Beethoven, Schubert, Schönberg and Schiele, to name a few. The immense meadows and the dense bushes hide unique treasures, like Klosterneuburg and Heiligenkreuz monasteries, and the whole area is dotted with beautiful towns and wine-growing townsthat have preserved their typical inns, where tourists and residents can spend pleasant hours tasting good wine and local dishes. Culture and nature have always been a perfect combination.

The Wachau Valley and the Romantische strasse

In Lower Austria, we follow the Danube course that leads from Krems to Melk and forms the beautiful Wachau valley: incredible places that see the alternation of vineyards and orchards that – despite human action – have not altered the landscape, and that is why UNESCO has included this area on the World Heritage list. This valley that runs along the river takes the name of “Romantics strasse “, romantic road, just because it gives poetic glimpses to live intensely with your sweetheart. This landscape, favored by its mild climate, was colonized since ancient times, so much so that it was found here Venus of Willendorf, a limestone figure dating back to 250,000 years ago. In addition, the pilot project on electric mobility “Elektromobilitätsinitiative” of Lower Austria will make you admire the wonders of this Land using modern electric vehicles, naturally respecting the environment. Think of this too!