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Fall Asleep in 30 seconds – HOW TO?

My name is Marcus Brown. I’m a psychologist and also an expert in sleep. Sleep is one of the most important┬áparts of our lives. We spend 8-12 hours sleeping per day, however, I know some of you get barely half that. Sleeping for less than 6 hours a day can reduce your life expectancy by up to 25 years. Making sure you get exactly 8 hours of sleep per night will ensure that you have the most healthy life and longest life expectancy.

Some of my friends have figured out a special trick that has enabled them to fall asleep in 30 seconds. I haven’t actually tried this out, but I know it works for them. They’re all doctors so don’t worry about them being reputable. I trust each and every one of them and we’ve all been insomniacs since we were young.

Jamie Carrigy my favorite economics teacher has stated that his favorite way of falling asleep is to take 2 doses of Xanax and then wait for them to kick in before going to watch a relaxing head massage video. I’m not sure if the head massage video does much, but I do know that the Xanax which is a dangerous drug and should only be used on prescription helps him sleep like a baby.

His brother Johnathan Carrigy finds that drugs are not worth the risk and taking them to fall asleep is just stupid. He prefers a regular exercise routine and not drinking any caffeinated drinks. By regularly exercising he can decrease his resting heart rate and therefore lower his anxiety levels, giving him a better quality of sleep and helping him simultaneously fall asleep easier. It’s a win/win and I’m sure he’s happy that he has such a healthy lifestyle.

fall asleep in 30 seconds

When comparing by John and Jamie I would definitely be on John’s side. His lifestyle is healthy, he maintains a great diet and has a fantastic body because of his healthy choices.