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Beepnow Cryptocurrency Review

This is a platform which connects job seekers with those who want people with certain skill sets to perform jobs for them. It is similar to LinkedIn in a lot of ways but it uses blockchain technology to pay the users for the contribution they make within the framework of Beepnow.

It is designed for convenience – the employers can pay for services simply by using their app on their smartphones. It includes all kinds of jobs and occupations, whether you are looking for a wardrobe stylist, a lifestyle coach, dance instructor, or a tour guide, you can easily find the service or the job which you are looking for.

How it works

beepnowWhether you are a job seeker or looking for employees to do certain jobs for you, all you need to do is to create a request on the BeepNow platform and the system will provide you the profiles of those job seekers which fit in your requirements for the job. You can also mention how much you are willing to pay for the job, or, as a job seeker, mention how much you are going to charge for your services. This makes the search much simpler. Thus, Beepnow platform is a link between the employers and the job seekers as it provides a platform for job seekers to earn money for their professional talents and for the employers to find the right talent easily.

What problem does it solve?

This system provides an opportunity through the blockchain technology for everyone all over the world to become a freelancer, giving them a platform to look for jobs and offering them a secure way of selling their services.

Beep Coin

The currency that is used within this platform is Beep Coin, through which the users can make payments and remittances and thus are able to trade easily and freely. When a job is decided on, a smart contract is drafted between the two parties, which documents that both sides have agreed on a particular task. The tokens are given as a reward once the task is completed and it ensures that the freelancers are given their required payments for their services as agreed upon in the smart contract.

Details about the ICO

  • Accepted Currency: ETH
  • Fundraising Goal: Soft cap at $1.6 million and Hard cap at $4.5 million
  • Token Sale: 1st August 2018 – August 20th, 2018